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Informationen zum Vorlesungsbetrieb im Sommersemester 2021


09/2021 Eileen started her Master Thesis.

08/2021 Kerstin, Bastian and Maren are back in our group to start their PhD Thesis!

03/2021 Lisa started her Master Thesis in our group.

02/2021 Desirée, Rita and Nicola started their PhD Thesis. Welcome back!

11/2020 Kerstin, Bastian and Maren started their Master Thesis. Good Luck!


Nucleic acid chemistry:
New building blocks and postsynthetic methodologies

Chemical photocatalysis:
Sustainability by light and organic dyes

Fluorescent DNA and RNA:
Photostability and cellular imaging of nucleic acids

DNA architectonics:
Biomolecular architectures with optical and electronic functionalities

Further information

Recent Publications

Fast and Efficient Postsynthetic DNA Labeling in Cells by Means of Strain-Promoted Sydnone-Alkyne Cycloadditions.
Krell, K.; Pfeuffer, B.; Wagenknecht, H.-A.; et al.
2021. Chemistry - A European Journal, 27 (65), 16093–16097. doi:10.1002/chem.202103026
The Dependence of Chemical Quantum Yields of Visible Light Photoredox Catalysis on the Irradiation Power.
Reiß, B.; Hu, Q.; Wagenknecht, H.-A.; et al.
2021. ChemPhotoChem, 5 (11), 1009–1019. doi:10.1002/cptc.202100090
Molecular Chromophore-DNA Architectures With Fullerenes: Optical Properties and Solar Cells.
Müller, S.; Manger, F.; Wagenknecht, H.-A.; et al.
2021. Frontiers in Chemistry, 9, Art.-Nr.: 645006. doi:10.3389/fchem.2021.645006
Nucleophilic Alkoxylations of Unactivated Alkyl Olefins and α-Methyl Styrene by Photoredox Catalysis.
Seyfert, F.; Mitha, M.; Wagenknecht, H. A.
2021. European journal of organic chemistry, 2021 (5), 773–776. doi:10.1002/ejoc.202001533