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06/2024 Welcome back Stephan! Good luck with your PhD thesis.

05/2024 Jasmin has joind the group to work on her Master thesis.

11/2023 Simon started his PhD. Good Luck.

10/2023 Lukas rejoined the group for his PhD thesis.

08/2023 Welcome back Jan. Good Luck with your PhD thesis!

03/2023 Stephan has rejoined the group for his Master thesis.

02/2023 Lukas has joined the group. Good luck with your Master thesis.











Nucleic acid chemistry:
New building blocks and postsynthetic methodologies

Chemical photocatalysis:
Sustainability by light and organic dyes

Fluorescent DNA and RNA:
Photostability and cellular imaging of nucleic acids

DNA architectonics:
Biomolecular architectures with optical and electronic functionalities

Further information

Recent Publications

Impact of sulfur substitution on biotin binding affinity to streptavidin
Groaz, E.; Modranka, J.; Wagenknecht, H.-A.; et al.
2024. Bioorganic Chemistry, 150, Art.-Nr.: 107600. doi:10.1016/j.bioorg.2024.107600
Cell-resistant wavelength-shifting molecular beacons made of l -DNA and a clickable l -configured uridine
Lang, F.; Rönicke, F.; Wagenknecht, H.-A.
2024. Organic and Biomolecular Chemistry, 22 (22), 4568–4573. doi:10.1039/D4OB00692E
Nucleic Acid‐Templated Synthesis of Cationic Styryl Dyes in Vitro and in Living Cells
Faikhruea, K.; Supabowornsathit, K.; Wagenknecht, H.-A.; et al.
2024. Chemistry – A European Journal, Art.-Nr.: e202400913. doi:10.1002/chem.202400913
Photochemical Action Plots Map Orthogonal Reactivity in Photochemical Release Systems
Michenfelder, R. T.; Pashley-Johnson, F.; Wagenknecht, H.-A.; et al.
2024. Advanced Science, Art.-Nr.: 2402011. doi:10.1002/advs.202402011
Cyclopropenes as Chemical Reporters for Dual Bioorthogonal and Orthogonal Metabolic Labeling of DNA
Seul, N.; Lamade, D.; Wagenknecht, H.-A.; et al.
2024. Angewandte Chemie - International Edition, Art.-Nr.: e202403044. doi:10.1002/anie.202403044