The Molecular Origins of Life SoSe 2017

  • Type: lecture
  • Semester: Masterstudiengang
  • Place:

     Hörsaalzentrum Chemie (INF 252) Uni Heidelberg

    kleine Hörsaal (kHS)

  • Time:

    Mondays, 15:00-16:30 (not weekly, see below)

  • Start: 08.05.2017
  • Lecturer:


  • SWS: 1

This interdisciplinary lecture will present the current status of scientific investigations on the origin of life on Earth, primarily from the perspective of organic and supramolecular chemistry. Supporting information from the area of astronomy, geology, and molecular biology will be also presented in order to understand the complexity of the life formation phenomenon and probability of similar processes occuring elsewhere in the Universe.

The lecture contains 7 lecture units (90 min. each). It will be presented on the following days:

May - 08.05., 15.05., 22.05., (the lecture on 22.05. - 45 min. only)

June - 12.06., 19.06., 26.06.,

July - 03.07.,

(in case of unscheduled changes, a backup date may be provided on the 17.07.2017)