Chemical biology, supramolecular systems and prebiotic chemistry


Group leader: Dr. Zbigniew L. Pianowski

Institut für Organische Chemie, room 409

tel.: +49 721 608-42297


Group members

Peter Gödtel received a Manchot Stiftung fellowship and commences his doctoral studies in our group as of February 2021. Welcome!

Group members

Heike Eckert, Maysun Naamnih and Sema Özyagan joined our group in February 2021 for their master thesis. Welcome!


Our manuscript "Fluorinated azobenzenes switchable with red light" was just accepted in "Chemistry - A European Journal" 2021:


Our work "Selective release of a potent anticancer agent from a supramolecular hydrogel using green light" has been printed in RSC Advances. Congratulations to all the authors!

RSC Adv., 2021,11, 8546-8551