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Synthetic life 2019/20 HD Block course

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    INF 252, kHS

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    Wed/Mi 11:00-13:45

  • Hinweis:

    Lecture dates: 13. Nov., 27 Nov., 18. Dec 2019

    This interdisciplinary course on the interface of organic chemistry, chemical, molecular and synthetic biology aims to provide the current status of research on the following topics:

    Artificial genetic polymers and oligonucleotide analogues; unnatural base pairing – expansion of the genetic alphabet; artificial ribozymes for efficient catalysis and recognition (SELEX, DNAzymes, foldamers); biosynthetic incorporation of unnatural aminoacids (UAAs) into proteins; enzyme engineering – production of enzymes with unknown or unnatural properties, ab initio protein design, directed evolution, theozymes; Artificial lipid vescicles as models for protocell multiplication; design of artificial organisms – minimal genome project, Synthia – fully artificial genome resulting in living bacterial species

    This lecture will be continued in SoSe2020 as a block course "The molecular origins of life" that was focused on processes which could allow abiotic generation of biomolecules (aminoacids, lipids, nucleotides, sugars) on the early Earth for the following origin of life.