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Research of quantum systems, i.e. systems that cannot be explained using classical mechanics but require quantum mechanical treatment, has become central to many scientific fields from biology to material sciences. Understanding and exploiting their properties is critical to continued innovation and scientific breakthroughs.

Quantum control refers to the manipulation of such quantum systems by application of controlled coherent interactions to direct their dynamics. Coherent interactions are usually achieved by, but are not limited to electromagnetic waves that can have any shape or modulation. Optimized wave forms derived, for example, from optimal control theory allow the directed breakage of specific molecular bonds or the efficient transfer of magnetization between spins. It is one of the most exciting frontiers in atomic, molecular and optical sciences, spanning physics, chemistry and applied mathematics, with excellent interactions between theory and experiment. It is not only central to the study of fundamental science but as well to the development of paradigm-breaking technology in these fields.

The seminar aims to bring together scientists from very different fields of research potentially benefitting from optimal control theory and its application to the design of desired coherent interactions. Leading international physicists, mathematicians, and chemists will present the basics and cutting edge research of optimal control in theory and experiment. This way, students as well as senior scientists will profit by the seminar in a unique inspiring and historical place.