Research Group Bräse

Porphyrin-based two-metal centers

Based on a paper of Naruta et al. published in 2017, where a stacked Fe(II)-porphyrin dimer was synthesized and used as catalyst for the reduction of CO2 to CO, we are investigating the synthesis of new/different porphyrin dimers with rigid backbones.

Therefore functionalized porphyrin precursors will be linked together via a rigid linker in performing e.g. cross coupling reactions or 1,3 dipolar azide-alkyne cycloadditions.

Figure 1: schematic representation of a porphyrin based two-metal center

Thereby dimetallic centers with various metals can be synthesized, whereas different distances can be adjusted by choice of backbone (dark blue) and spacer (light blue). Furthermore the functional groups R1 and R2 allow for a tuning of e.g the electronic structure, the sterical hindrance and the solubility of the metal center.